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  • Oct


This writing comes as a dedication to all people who are unenlightened and don’t analytically conceptualise the Reasoning behind the Independence of Barotseland as a Nation. The following will be a good case scenario for consideration by all those who value moral honesty and integrity of truthfulness in this 21st Century. In cementing the Right to Self Determination of Barotseland,  three other cases will be essential to ensure clarification of this discourses conclusion.

  • 20
  • Oct


“Should we now mount an anti Bemba/ Nyanja campaign in Barotseland?” asks a concerned Lozi, perhaps frustrated with the now apparent spread of Bemba language across the territory of Zambia, including Barotseland.

  • 13
  • Oct


It is that time of the year once again when Zambia gleams up with jubilations over their national day which falls on the 24th October every year. This is the time the nation of Zambia (Northern Rhodesia) celebrates its independence.

  • 29
  • Sep

Come the 1st of October 2017, people from all walks of life will join Chief George Simasiku Mamili and his people at Chinchimani to celebrate the annual Lusata Cultural Festival. Various political and traditional leaders from near and far are expected to attend this magnificent event.

  • 27
  • Sep

Can a nation that oppresses another be free? Surely it cannot be. In the same manner, Zambia that oppresses Barotseland cannot be free -politically, economically and socially. Zambia can only pretend to be free. If the Barotse are interested in their freedom, that is to say, in achieving their independence, they must suspend the wishful thinking that someone else will come and rescue them as demonstrated by their continued voting for the opposition. It has not worked in the past 53 years and it will never work.

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  • Sep


By now it should be common knowledge to average and above average minds, hitherto in our Barotse Change crusade, that the greatest impasse in Zambia has been between Barotseland’s Right to self-determination and Northern Rhodesia’s Right to Self-deception that the former’s 2012 BNC Barexit and UDI Mandate is treason!

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