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Most people think freedom means independence, rare or exceptional success, exclusive privilege and the competence to do anything that one’s heart desires. True as the statement is, and while so many of us boast of this same freedom just because slavery is no longer tenable today, when it comes to ultimate freedom paradoxically many of us remain en caged. This is due to the fact that though we have all been created equally, yet our rights, opportunities, and justices still remain wanting and inequitable.

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We trust and pray that this correspondence finds you in the best of your health and spirits. Our calendars indicate that we are now in the Christmas Advent; a time, among other rationales,  when most people engage in self-introspection aimed at reviewing personal successes and failures this year, with a view to come up with personal strategies for successes in the ensuing New Year. Barotse Change is convinced that you too, given your high profile standing, are bound to engage in the same exercise. It is our greatest desire, as proponents of Barotse Change, to appeal to you once more brothers and sisters for you to reconsider your ways so that you do not find your names finally indelibly chronicled on the wrong and bad side of the history of Zambia, Northern Rhodesia and unquestionably Barotseland.

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  • Nov

SOMALILAND, whose statehood is yet to be internationally recognized after breaking away from Somalia in 1999, held its third successful presidential election whose electoral procedures were observed by an international election observation mission. The international observers, including representatives of UNPO, applauded the overall successful electoral process while, at the same time, noting minor concerns to consider for future elections. The current president, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud, had not sought re-election, clearing the way for one of three candidates to assume his post. Vote counting is currently underway.

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I would rightly guess many of us have in one way or another been betrayed. Betrayal can be quite devastating ripping apart ones’ heart like nothing else, as anger and grief surge through, leaving you feeling used, cheated, and helpless. Whether it is a confidante at work or spilling your secrets sabotaging you and ruining your reputation or a spouse having an extramarital relationship, betrayal is one of the worst things which can be done to someone.

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  • Oct


As Zambia takes to podia in their land celebrating 24th October let true Zambians do so freely, honestly but in a political wise manner – every such anniversary should be time to tell what actually went wrong. Otherwise, they risk being haunted forever by the political truth and omens thereof.

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The closing thoughts in the last article on Barotse Change series read “Providentially, by action of the 2012 BNC UDI Mandate Barotseland legally accepted Zambia’s desire to completely disengage with us. In effect, the BA ’64 became defunct perpetually and the case considered settled, at least in the minds of civilised international communities and law abiding global citizens!”

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