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22. King Mbikusita Lewanika II (1968 - 1977)

30 October 2014
King Mbikusita Lewanika II (1968 - 1977)


  • He was born in 1907 in Lealui.
  • He received education from Barotse National School, University of Capetown (South Africa), University of Wales at Aberystwith.
  • He ascended to the throne on 15th December, 1968, and died in 1977
  • His capital was Lealui
  • His regiment
  • His Ngambela was Imwaka Mahela, Suu Lishomwa, and Mukande Musialike
  • He initiated the Kuomboka-Kufuluela Committee in 1971 to expand the level of participation in the planning processes of the ceremonies
  • His shrine is in Lishekandinde
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