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21. King Mwanawina III, KBE ( 1948 - 1968 )

30 October 2014
King Mwanawina III, KBE ( 1948 - 1968 )


  • He was born on the 07th February, 1888 at Lealui.
  • He was bestowed with the title of the Knight Commander of the British Empire (KBE), c. 01st January, 1959.
  • He was educated at PMS Missionary School in Barotseland, Lovedale College, South Africa, and University of Capetown, South Africa.
  • He served in Great War as commander of Barotse Carriers in East African Campaign from 1916 to 1918. He was honored with Allied Victory and British War medals.
  • He attended the Coronation Ceremony of Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey in London in 1953.
  • He ruled Barosteland from 1948 to 1968.
  • He was knighted by the British in 1959.
  • He was pressured into signing the Barotseland Agreement, 1964 which attempted to absorb Barotseland by Northern Rhodesia to pave way for the creation of the so called 'Republic of Zambia'
  • His capital was in Lealui
  • His regiment was Imutakela
  • His Ngambela was Namakando Wina, Mukele Walubita, Imasiku Akabeswa, Muleta Imenda Minyambowe, Ndangwa Nooyo, and Imwaka Mahela
  • His shrine is in Sikuli
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