Radio Barotseland

Radio Barotseland is a Radio that seek to Broadcast the Voices of the people of Barotseland as they express their Sociopolitical and economic aspirations

We do this through hosting of regular Live Chats with the news makers on the subject of Barotseland and indeed ordinary people of Barotseland who can interact with the radio presenters live via Face Book, Skype or Phone link up

We currently Broadcast 24 / 7 to the whole world via the internet, although we are working on transmitting on Satellite, SW as well as FM as soon as logistics enable.

Please, enjoy our broadcast.

Radio Barotseland - Broadcasting Barotse Voices Around The World 24/7 Without Fear or Favor!

News Update: 2014-05-07 Radio Barotseland NOW on and easily accessible on all Smartphones, Tablets, Televisions and All Connected Devices

In its continued efforts to broadcast the Barotse Voice to the whole world , Radio Barotseland has listed on the global radio web site for ease access to its programing. Radio Barotseland like Barotsepost are official Broadcasting platforms for the Afumba Mombotwa led transitional government of Barotseland.

With this move it means that the whole world, including Zambia, will no longer only access the station from the traditional websites of and via laptop and Personal Computers or the MAC computers, but will now also easily access the station on all other devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, Televisions and all other connected devices.

All one need to do now is to logon to and search for Radio Barotseland or download the appropriate APPS for their kind of device as shown below, search for Radio Barotseland and will deliver the radio content on their devices. The APPS are all delivered free, while instructions on how to install them for the various devices is shown here below as:




Meanwhile, radio Station Managing editor, Sibeta Mundia has indicated that the popular live phone in shows, The People's Forum, that were discontinued due to interruptions by the Zambian government would resume as soon as possible. Last year and a greater part of this year access to the online radio was cut off from all the main Zambian ISPs, just like that of the and two Zambian websites considered critical of the Zambian government in what seems to be Zambia’s continued repression of freedom of information, expression and conscience.

“Anyone who listens or reads our publications knows that this is not about promoting anarchy at all but rather according the suppressed people of Barotseland the opportunity to peacefully highlight their socio-economic and political aspirations, while educating one another on matters of peace, culture, democracy, justice, liberty and human rights issues. “ reiterated Sibeta

“For instance although investment was available we could not set up the FM station because of the presence of Zambian security personnel who are still indiscriminately arresting the people of Barotseland for even possessing the 2003 Mungomba Constitusion Review Report that stated that in the absence of the Barotseland Agreement of 1964 Zambia has not mandate to administer Barotseland.”

Currently four Barotseland nationals are in Zambian prisons Barotseland Self determination related matters, while last over 100 were arrested and charged with treason for rejoicing at the self determination progress made by Barotseland.