The Cheke Cha Mbunda traditional ceremony peaks on 2nd October 2016

01 October 2016
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The Makishi masquerade of the Mbunda people


The Cheke Cha Mbunda traditional ceremony which started on the 29th of September reaches its peak on 2nd October 2016.

Meanwhile, the Cheke Cha Mbunda traditional ceremony National Organizing Committee Chairperson, Mr. Limande disclosed to local Oblate Radio Liseli news on Wednesday that everything was in place for the successful hosting of the event.

Mr. Limande said that the Makishi would be gathering in Kashembe area on Wednesday in readiness for their resurfacing from the Kashembe graveyards on Thursday Morning.

He said that the Makishi would later start a procession from Kashembe to His Royal Highness Chief Chiyengele’s palace in Mushuwa Royal Village of Limulunga.

The Organizing Committee Chairperson further said that the ceremony would be officially opened on Saturday the 1st and end on Sunday, 2nd October 2016.

He, therefore, appealed to all people including the Business Community to attend the event and witness the tools for the Mbunda Chieftainship which will be exhibited at the ceremony.

The Mbunda people of Barotseland have a very rich cultural heritage through their Makishi masquerade, among other traditional and cultural practices.

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