Appeal from the Department of Youth and Sport, Royal Barotseland Government.

02 March 2015
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9th February, 2015

Office of the Head of State: His Majesty the King of Barotseland;
Office of the Administrator General: Royal Barotseland Government;
Secretaries and Under Secretaries of State: Royal Barotseland Government;
The Secretary: Royal Barotseland National Youth and Sports Council;
All Secretaries: Regional, District and County Youth and Sports Councils

Royal Barotseland Kingdom.


The Department of Youth and Sport is earnestly appealing to all the established, formed or created Youth Development structures, Organizations or Institutions- from the County to the National level- to set sail and to continue putting in place what is expected of them to be put in place now that the Department has concluded the ‘Operational Management Act of 2014’ and its plans for the ‘Integrated Youth Development Programme’ alongside other National legislature required for Statehood.( _act_2014.pdf) We should prepare for the mammoth task of preparing our National Teams, Federations, Associations and Clubs for various sports and disciplines and other Recreational and Youth Development Activities for the benefit of the Nation and the purpose of making our Youths responsible and productive Citizens, which is ahead of us, now!

I wish to retrace and re-emphasize my earlier appeal to the Barotzish Citizens, the Youths especially, which I had conveyed through the Royal Barotseland Kingdom’s National Youth and Sports meeting held at Mungu in the Lyondo Region, then, in June, 2014. I earnestly wish to remind you, once more, to stand firm and to retrace the pace which we have set for the reconstruction of our Motherland, now that we are about to retrieve our ship from the Phantoms and pirates who had seized it and made us captives for about half a century and, are about to dock.

We should prove to the Neo-Colonialist forces which marshaled the crusade for the extinction of the Malozi that we are a humble and formidable but peaceful force to reckon with which is very much capable of running its own National Affairs in accordance with its own Barotzish designed and tailored Development Agenda set for the reconstruction of our one and only God-given Motherland: the Royal Barotseland Kingdom! We should not be swayed by the make-shift colonial power’s fake Development programs made in bad faith which are merely intended to appease us momentarily, nor should we be distracted by some former politicians who failed to represent us, the people of the Royal Barotseland, effectively and efficiently to have missed their golden opportunity because of their insatiable love for the Neo-colonialist’s dirty pieces of silver and belief that they could not live without the oppressor or colonizer, like a virus! We should not be the least confused by confused personalities who, like scavengers, stealthily tracking a hunter or lonely hunting Lion to pounce on the kill at the slightest opportunity, after a kill, claiming what they have not killed or toiled for. These people are cunning due to being intoxicated by and sunken into immense personal selfish interests enough to threaten the integrity and dignity of our Monarch. They have even set ultimatums for the oppressor to leave Barotseland, which they have so calculated in anticipation of coinciding with the Barotseland Legal Team’s progression of the ICJ verdict in order to confuse loyal Barotzish Citizens so as to claim that it is them who may have made Zambia move its authority from Barotseland. Shamefully enough, the Zambian so-called Clergy even congregate to pray for the continued sufferings of Barotseland against the will of the God they feign worshiping to for help!

We should stand our ground and be firm to preserve, protect, defend and honour the integrity, dignity and honour of our sacred Institutions such as the God-given Monarch, the Privy Council, the Royal Authority, the legitimate Afumba-led Government and the people of the Royal Barotseland Kingdom whom the elements of destruction yearn to divide, at all costs. Our Kutas must also desist from antagonism. They should preach collective participation and responsibility of ‘Costa Nostra’ alongside the legitimate visionary Leadership and Government, in good faith, in order to maintain and preserve their respect and honour which some failed former political leaders threaten, but which the Afumba-led Government has vowed to forever accord them and protect.

We should also shame the man who inflicted divisive excruciating pain, misery, sufferings and evil upon the innocent Malozi, as we wish him long life to see the end of the misery he inflicted upon an innocent and honest people by his ‘divide and rule Big man’s syndrome’ under the pretext of ‘Above Board’ One Party Undemocratic Governance. That mean man to whom whoever was opposed to his opinion was a ‘Stupid Idiot’. . . . . . The Man who paraded himself as an ‘Anointed Holy Angel of God and Messenger of Peace, Love and Tranquility while being evil. . . . . the tyrant who was law himself and whose opinion became law.

Dear compatriots, let us mount courage and build our Nation in the way we know we would want it to be because it is us, and only us, who know how we would want our Nation to be, and how we can reconstruct the one and only Motherland we call home: the Royal Barotseland Kingdom. The Lord is wonderful and has always been wonderful to us! He has made the race not only to the swift, nor the battle only to the strong. Neither has He provided bread to only the wise, nor riches to only the men of understanding, nor favour to only the skilled but, He has made time and chances happen to us all though at different times and in different forms and ways. However, all in all, time and chances still come to all! We are a State capable of running our own affairs, henceforth; we should commence or continue with our tasks, from where we left, vigorously, towards the implementation of the National Youth Skills and Sports Development Programmes!

Let’s ‘keep the flame of liberty alight’ as we pray, solicit and lobby the International Community and Global Organizations for their prompt intervention with regards the unconditional release of our gallant Leaders incarcerated by the Neo-Colonialist Regime for intimidating purposes and deliberate denial and delay of our liberty, which must come!

C.M. Muyunda

Under Secretary for the Department of Youth and Sports

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