"Luzamaela kai?" asks Wena Wahesu

20 November 2016
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A Mongu township - 2015


“Luzamaela kai” or "where are we?" is a too often asked question by those that wish to genuinely know the progression of the struggle for Barotseland self-rule as well as those that seek to scorn off the apparent lack of visible progress on the matter.

WENA WAHESU, a facebook activist decided to offer his answer to the question and we thought it was a very interesting answer he gave.

With emphasis added, Wena Wahesu writes:

My out right and personal answer is that we are where we are politically, socially and mentally as individuals and as a society. We are (still) voting in Zambian elections, we openly profess to be UPND (Zambia’s main opposition United Party for National Development) or PF (Zambia’s ruling Patriotic Front party)... we don’t protest when one among us is victimized for standing up for Barotseland.

We do not want to get close to those that are having the burden of the struggle. We have not invested anything in the struggle, not even a one ngwee (Zambia’s smallest money unit), as such that’s where we are.

The struggle will only move to another level when malozi begin to demonstrate the change and the fact that they are Barotseland citizens (and not Zambians) and invest in the struggle, then and only then will we get the recognition we need.

They (world) cannot just recognize Linyungandambo (leading Barotseland independence movement) or BNFA (alliance of some Barotse activist groups) or BRE (Barotse Royal Establishment) executive committees. No! They need to recognize Barotseland, its peoples and government.

So the question is where are the people of Barotseland? Definitely it’s not them who were lining for Zambian elections; these are Zambians. The Barotseland citizens stand out and be counted; and by so doing they will be acting as statehood recognition advocates. END.

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