TRENDING ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Ilute Yeta IV ‘Appears’ in Lealui Royal Village

13 December 2015
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King Ilute Yeta IV of Barotseland reigned 1977 - 2000 (d. 7th July 2000)


On Social Media BUZZ for this week we feature two stories that are currently trending:

1. Edgar Lungu must be more shocked than anyone else - about the Litunga's behaviour!
2. Ilute Yeta IV ‘Appears’ in Lealui Royal Village



Date: 13th December 2015

COURTESY OF: Na Ma-Lulu Nalumango

The biggest problem with our desire for Barotseland self-rule is not the Zambian government or its people. The greatest opponent to Barotseland freedom - going by what I've been reading from this column - is the Litunga. It's not even Edgar Lungu! We all get tempted by the devil everyday but the Lord holds us accountable for our implementation of the sins that originate with Lucifer. In this case Edgar Lungu was only trying to tempt the Litunga with 30 pieces of silver and an offer of power and even a tiny foreign mission post.

Honestly speaking Edgar Lungu must be more shocked than anyone else at his luck... I doubt that he had imagined that the Litunga would fall for such small a bait at the expense of a hurting people!

It's vital that these things that you people write so well for the academically gifted elite on Facebook - be written in simple short articles and in our different languages - for our peoples at the grassroots. Through these articles, you're building up a very strong case for the international community in terms of what has been published online but the elite few cannot fight for this cause expressly like this because they don't live the difficult life in rural Barotseland or even engage in civil disobedience acts. We need to put our heads together to realise this dream through local structures. We need to engage with the Barotseland government and other parties to get the Litunga back on track for a common front.

Let's create forums where more people can participate.

Just a thought - because I care too much to remain silent...

Kozo - Lord hear us!


2. ILUTE YETA IV APPEARS IN LEALUI ROYAL VILLAGE – As Reported by Barotseland Watchdog

ORIGINAL POST by: Barotseland Broadcasting Network (BBN)

Date: 11/12/2015

NB: Barotseland Watchdog Dog (BWD) has dispatched a reporter to Lealui to take photos and interview people about this story which appeared on BBN.

We will give you a feed back as soon as we finish talking to the people. For now here is what BBN reported................

Ilute Yeta IV has appeared in Lealui Royal village on Sunday. He was the Litunga of Barotseland from 1977 up to 2000. It is believed that, the ancestors are not happy with what is happening in Barotseland. On Sunday almost 30 houses were destroyed together with the Ngambela’s Kuta, and Mboo Kuta in Lealui, the winter residence for the Litunga.

This happened after strong and strange windswept the Head Quarters of the Royal Kingdom. The tree which Edwin Lubosi Imwiko II sat during his installation in 2000 has been uprooted and it is down. Some Indunas’ houses have also been brought down.

BBN has been informed that Edwin Lubosi Imwiko II (Embattled Litunga of Barotseland) has dispatched a batch of Indunas to see what happened and he has since been informed about the disaster. He is worried and it is expected that he (may) travel there soon to see what really transpired.

Meanwhile people have expressed worry (at) the way the crop of Indunas at Namuso is running Barotseland. From Monday up to Saturday people were still renovating their houses and others have left the HQ saying “Lubosi u ka lu bulaisa,” (Lubosi will cause our death).

Traditionally, the Litunga is supposed to be in Lya Alui (Lealui) up to the flooding season when Kuomboka takes place in April but the current guy called Edwin Lubosi is stuck in Limulunga, (while) he frequents Lusaka and Kabwe-at his Farms.

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  • John m Mukelabai John m Mukelabai Sunday, 13 December 2015

    That's it if the ancestors can intervain . forward ever no turning back


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