Another ‘National Call to Prayer’ sent fourth in Barotseland!

11 August 2015
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The interdenominational ‘Pray for Barotseland’ global social media network is once again calling for all Christians and Christian groups to get involved in a 24 hour revolving national prayer for Barotseland.

The call is for Christians to pray and fast as much as possible, meeting with others in prayer as well as praying individually. This current urgent call is intended to revolve on the 24 hour, around the clock basis, where believers are encouraged to arrange for prayer at certain times daily and nightly, and have others choose time slots or so, so that there is continual prayer.

“Your countryman, your friend, your leader and your brother as well as the three other men with him need you. They need each one of you. Please lay down your differences and give them to God,” read part of the statement call on the social network’s profile in apparent reference to Afumba Mombotwa and his three co-accused, currently incarcerated at Zambia’s Mukobeko maximum state prison for the condemned under the charge of treason felony, punishable only by death in Zambian laws upon conviction.

Their trial is scheduled to start on the 18th of August 2015. They are accused of having conspired to secede the ‘Western’ province of Zambia to form a new independent state of Barotseland. This is the latest twist in the long standing fall out over the pre-independent Barotseland Agreement of 1964 that joined Barotseland to Zambia, but was unilaterally and grossly abrogated by Zambia, thereby freeing both parties from performing its terms. While its abrogation means Barotseland ceases to exist in the opinion of Zambia, it is the express opinion of the people of Barotseland that the abrogation of the pre-independence agreement means an automatic return to their pre-agreement status once Barotseland accepted its abrogation.

“Pray for their safety from within and without the prison and for their peace of mind. Ask the Holy Spirit to give them a Daniel in the Lion's den experience as well as God to send His Warrior Angels to keep each one of them circled within their protection so that it will be like a hedge (fence) around them as a group and most importantly around each individual... and grant them peace.

“Just as we prayed the time that Mr. Sinyinda and the others were in prison until they were released..pray for these men now.

“Pray for their safety from the other prisoners. Pray that the presence of the Holy Spirit be upon them and within them that those that see them will see and feel it and that they will be changed from that moment on..whether they are a prisoner or a guard or the judge and all others who will be involved with the trial. Pray for honesty to reign in the court..that when accusers attempt to speak their lies..that they cannot.

“Pray for those who were involved with ‘setting them up’ so that they will see their wrong and dare to speak truth.

“Please begin as soon as you receive this and WE ARE GOING TO STAY WITH IT UNTIL THEY ARE RELEASED. We are going to expect them to be released,” continued the statement.

The group has also asked that prayer be made out for and on behalf of the other three Barotseland youths who are serving hard time, in jail, for ‘NOTHING’ so that they too can have a Holy Spirit experience and be released.

Meanwhile, the major church groupings of Barotseland such as the Seventh Day Adventists, Catholics United Baptists, Full Gospel, New Apostolic and others, have particularly being asked to help organize the prayers in their churches.

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