Call for Nationwide Prayer and fasting

27 May 2015
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The global ‘Pray for Barotseland’ social media group has issued an immediate CALL for country-wide prayer and fasting.

The administrator, Heather Neal has also asked the group members, and those that wish to answer to this call for prayer, to remember that unity is the greatest need for Barotseland at this present time. Quoting from the Holy Bible book of Matthew 12:25, Ms Neal said that it was important for the members of the group and the nation at large to remember that a house that is divided can NOT stand.

“HIS ways are higher than our ways...HE is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE, therefore, we are calling for a countrywide Prayer and fasting to Seek His will and not our wants.” Wrote Ms Neal on the group’s social media channel, advising members to take the call seriously.

Meanwhile, co-administrator of the prayer group Lubinda has echoed Ms. Neal’s need to pray for unity.

“It is very clear that Barotseland is going through a very critical period, and we need to pray for unity and guidance from the Lord. All we are saying is that can people, families, churches and communities find time within this period to pray seriously for Barotseland and her people and leaders” said Mr. Lubinda.

Ms. Heather Neal further asked members and the nation that specifics will be communicated periodically through the group channel as well as other media.

The Global Prayer Group for Barotseland is a non denominational social network of people from various countries of the world, who have joined together in prayer devotion for and on behalf of Barotseland and Zambia, so that the two will resolve peacefully the matters that have come between them as a result of the defunct Barotseland Agreement of 1964, cutting across political and denominational persuasions.

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