BLOODY IVORY: Zambia police officer arrested for poaching in Barotseland

25 December 2016
Author :  

THREE suspected poachers, including a Zambian police officer, have been arrested for alleged possession of 47 kilogrammes of elephant ivory worth over K500,000 (USD 51,000.00).

Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) officers in Kalabo and Mumbwa districts arrested the trio at Maseka Guest House around 07:00 hours on Thursday for alleged illegal possession of elephant ivory and a leopard skin worth over K10,000.00 (USD 1,000.00).

DNPW Kaoma district senior investigations officer Nyambe Maswabi named the suspects as Dalitso Tembo,  26, a Zambian police officer of Kaoma Police Station, Patrick Mbangu , 48, and Kalumbwana Kahamba , 35, both businessmen of Airport Township.

Mr Maswabi said it is unfortunate that even Zambian government officers in the district are allegedly involved in illegal activities instead of maintaining law and order.

Mr Maswabi said the trio is detained at Kaoma State Prison awaiting court proceedings.


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