'Mueteleli' by Mutumba Libeleki

26 December 2014
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After revealing the cover for his upcoming album called “LIFASI LIMELILE LIITO”, the Barotseland soldier gives us a taste of his album. Mueteleli is his first single from the incoming album and clearly gives us an insight about the whole project.

On this joint, Mutumba tells us why the BS title suits him. Being known mostly for his poetry, metaphors and punchlines, he goes straight to prove he is still untouchable on the mic. The power of his vocal and style match the mental produced at Aluyana Records. From the beginning of his rap career in 2005, the emcee has been the center of Lozi rap music and up to date he is still the Leader of Mbunga Rap music.

This album might just be a step ahead of his 2013 Image of God album if each song on it will be a classic like this one. His music is not ordinary as it is meaningful and educative, he doesn't rap from the blues.

On the third verse the rapper proves that he too can raps very fast like Eminem. Mutumba Libeleki is the Best to have ever done it in Mbunga whether you agree or not. If we had such substantial rappers in Barotse, we wouldn't complain of artists without direction.

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