05 February 2017
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Taylor Mwanamwale Akakendelwa - A young and talented artist of Livingstone


He is young, ambitious and gifted. At 20 years only, Taylor Mwanamwale Akakendelwa is dreaming of one day being counted among the legendary artists of the world.

Although he has no formal training in the field of ‘Fine Arts’ yet, young Taylor’s art is already making the right waves through his ‘Taylar Akaz Music & Art’ studio in Livingstone.

He can sing too, and already has a musical album to show for it. The soft spoken, cool and calm Lozi boy has produced 10 gospel songs.

The young ‘Livingstonian’ completed his twelfth grade in 2014 at St.Raphael's Secondary School in Livingstone and passed all the subjects he sat for with good grades.


After Secondary school, Taylor applied to study Fine Art and Music at the University of Zambia but there was no place for him there.

This, however, has not stopped him from dreaming big as he is now looking for sponsorship to fulfill his dreams of becoming the best Fine Artist and musician the world has ever known.

As such, young Taylar spends most of his time reading on art and practicing his music, with a goal to have his own Art Gallery in the near future.

For those wishing to help Taylor achieve his dreams, or those looking for that special portrait, painting or any art work, Taylor can be reached on his Mobile Phone Numbers: +260 978 027 752 and +260 978 658 876 or follow him on Face Book: Akaz Arts

Here below is some of his art work, mainly ‘Figure Painting and Drawings’, done in pencil.










  • Kabisoi Kabisoi Sunday, 05 February 2017

    This is great Aka! Keep it up. Be patient help will come your way soon.


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