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He is young, ambitious and gifted. At 20 years only, Taylor Mwanamwale Akakendelwa is dreaming of one day being counted among the legendary artists of the world.

Although he has no formal training in the field of ‘Fine Arts’ yet, young Taylor’s art is already making the right waves through his ‘Taylar Akaz Music & Art’ studio in Livingstone.


Barotseland based artist and music producer Abel Mukungu popularly known as RAdikoh is dead.

Abel  was a rising star and producer of music in the fast growing Barotse music industry, now popularly known as MBUNGA MUSIC, and was numbered among the 'best' of the 'best' with hit songs like ‘Usike Wasaba’, ‘Sinyunywani’,’NI yokubiha’ and many others. He was also known as ‘Radwax’.

Although the cause of his death is yet to be publically known, social media network group BBN confirmed that Radikoh was lately in and out of hospital until he died on the 17th September 2016. He was put to rest on the 19th of September.

He recently opened his own new Musical studio in Mungu after working for a couple of studios in Zambia such as; JAM VIBE STUDIOS (2010 - 2011) and Universal Studios Entertainment (2013-2014). Radikoh was also associated with Dollars Records Entertainment until he established RADWAX FLEVAZ studios.

His gospel hit single, ‘Usike Wasaba’, was on 18th July 2014 featured and reviewed by The Barotseland Post Entertainment and Showbiz news team in conjunction with BHRBM and can be sampled here: http://www.barotselandpost.com/index.php/all-news/entertainment-showbiz/item/632-song-review-usike-wasaba-by-radikoh

Here below are selected messages of tribute to the fallen hero of Mbunga Music:


.... I shall always remember RAdikoh Mukungu Abel by his row (role) he played in gospel music as well as his efforts that led to the improvement of Mbunga music.. Your golden voice will ever be missed and remembered our great one RIP until we meet - LUTANGU KUTOMA BENZEMA LUTANGU

MUMBLE JUMBLE – a Barotse rapper expresses his grief after hearing the loss:

Yes, we never met; we never talked but the impact you've brought to this (Barotse music) industry was felt and I blame myself not to have told you as early as you were still here! The first time I heard your music was when I was in Grade 9 back in 2008 and from there, I began to have interest in Mbunga Music. You've influenced many (including me) with your music and for that I say 'THANKS!' Your departure has left a lot of people like me with a lesson of appreciating someone whilst they still alive. The only thing I can pay you right now is #RESPECT!!! #RIP BRO - MUMBLE JUMBLE


RAdikoh Mukungu Abel sure

May your caring and ever happy soul rest in eternal peace my brother.

Kunani tabo ku mulena mulikani...I know you in a better place. I will always cherish our friendship even in death - MATAUKA MATTY IMWIKO

CHRIS LUBASI LUZONGO KALALUKA – Barotse nationalist writes:

What a National Loss for Barotseland!

We have lost a gallant warrior, a man of faith in our Independence as he championed the revival of our forbidden, if not restricted, identity through music. He was a great Nationalist in as far the spirit of Barotse Nationalism went. We have lost this young icon so soon... Anyway, God gave Motherland and has taken what He gave! May His name be praised.

As front liners, we will always remember you and love you until we meet again on the other side! RAdikoh!


LLOYD KAPUSA KAPUSA (MUVI TV staffer and roving reporter) says:


All We Are Left With Is the Echo of Your Strong Well Composed Voice Clanging Out of Speakers.

Radikoh The King Of KwaWiko Mbunga Music! Is You Shouting Letting Us Know That You Still Live Among Us Through Your Well Natured Music.

Your Existence In The Mbunga Music Circles Added Great Progress And Development To The Young Artists Despite Yourself Being Young.

It is a Loss To The Mbunga Music Sector But You Leave Behind A High Be Beaten By The Upcoming Young Musicians.

RADIWAX As You Were Sometimes Referred To, You Leave Us In Suspense, We Might Never Know And Have The Blessings From The Gospel Album You Were Coming Up With.

Your Collaboration With Some Of Zambia’s Music Heavy Weight Just Shows How Well Positioned You Were In The Music Industry.

A great Singer, A great Producer, A great Composer

He was, He is

He Will Be Forever!..

You Have Never Gone Anywhere You Are Always In Hearts Of All The Fans!

Thank You For The Tunes You Gave Us, We Enjoy Them Even In Your Absence.


ABRAHAM writes:

"Legends Don't Die, They Just Rest"

See how far you came and started this from the scratch. My Deep Condolences to the family. Go well Brother, till we meet again...! - ABRAHAM

Trevor Noah has had a mixed reception from critics as he made his debut hosting The Daily Show, replacing Jon Stewart who left last month.

The 31-year-old South African comedian made a "smooth transition" into the role on Comedy Central's satirical news show, according to Variety.

Deadline called the evening "mostly inoffensive but also mostly flat".

TV columnist Brian Lowry said he looked "more at ease and in command than he ever did as a correspondent".

Stewart stepped down after 16 years at the helm of the influential show and Noah's appointment was announced in March.

After revealing the cover for his upcoming album called “LIFASI LIMELILE LIITO”, the Barotseland soldier gives us a taste of his album. Mueteleli is his first single from the incoming album and clearly gives us an insight about the whole project.

On this joint, Mutumba tells us why the BS title suits him. Being known mostly for his poetry, metaphors and punchlines, he goes straight to prove he is still untouchable on the mic. The power of his vocal and style match the mental produced at Aluyana Records. From the beginning of his rap career in 2005, the emcee has been the center of Lozi rap music and up to date he is still the Leader of Mbunga Rap music.

This album might just be a step ahead of his 2013 Image of God album if each song on it will be a classic like this one. His music is not ordinary as it is meaningful and educative, he doesn't rap from the blues.

On the third verse the rapper proves that he too can raps very fast like Eminem. Mutumba Libeleki is the Best to have ever done it in Mbunga whether you agree or not. If we had such substantial rappers in Barotse, we wouldn't complain of artists without direction.

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