Is BRE claim of Barotseland independence a mere ‘defense’ mechanism pushed by Mutungulu Wanga and others?

10 February 2017
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FILE: Some BRE Indunas attending another High Court case in Lusaka over Josiah Nyumbu Mubukwanu’s dethronement as Mwene Chiengele in 2015.


Induna Imandi is reported to have disclosed yesterday to social Media Barotseland Watchdog  (BWD) reporter that the entire Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) system has been given sleepless nights by Imikendu Mabiwa’s move to take Lubosi Imwiko II to the High Court, as the action is causing loss of dignity to the Lozi tradition in Barotseland.

AND Imandi is further reported to have alleged that the idea to state that Barotseland was an independent and separate nation from Zambia was conceived by Mutungulu Wanga, former BNFA vice chairman, as a move to defend the Litunga and the Indunas.

He reportedly said that ever since the Litunga was summoned, peace and sense of belonging was lost among BRE leaders.

"We feel lost and devastated in our mind. We don't trust the Zambian Courts. They can embarrass us to the world. We have chosen not to go there (to the courts) with the Litunga to prevent embarrassment. We have to defend ourselves by saying Barotseland is a nation. That argument will protect us, and Mutungulu Wanga and others gave us that idea,” lamented Induna Imandi as reported by the social media group BWD.

Recently and in response to Mabiwa Imikendu and others’ lawsuit against Lubosi Imwiko II in his capacity as Litunga (King) of Barotseland, the Barotse Royal Establishment stated to the media that they would decline the court summons because Barotseland was already independent from Zambia, and therefore, the latter’s laws and constitution were invalid in Barotseland.

However, up until now, the BRE had consistently rejected to co-operate with the Barotse people’s unanimous calls for Barotseland independence but rather conveniently continued to collaborate with the Zambian government arresting and imprisoning all those Lozi nationals who spoke in favour of Barotseland independence for treason.

Meanwhile some of the Indunas who attended the meeting reportedly expressed their shock at the low level of thinking by some senior Indunas.

“We just looked and listened to them (Mutungulu and others) as they were cheating us and ‘vomiting’ around. Yes, they are now accusing PF (Patriotic Front) Government (Zambian) of sponsoring Imikendu and the team. They cheated us that Lungu (president of Zambia) and his government is pushing him (Imikendu) to dethrone our Edwin Lubosi because of his stance to resolve and push for Barotseland Self Determination,” said one of the Indunas.

Mutungulu Wanga and others calling themselves as a ‘Diaspora Group of Barotseland Nationals’ yesterday issued a Press Statement on their meetings with the Limulunga BRE Kuta concerning the recent happenings and other related matters concerning the embattled and contested kingdom of Barotseland.

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