Sketchley Sacika, William Harrington and others issue statement on Barotseland Statehood

10 February 2017
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William Harrington


PRESS STATEMENT: Issued by a Diaspora Group of Barotseland Nationals at Mongu

09 February 2017


We the undersigned, being a consultative group of Barotseland Nationals within the Diaspora, hereby confirm our meeting with the KUTA at Limulunga yesterday the 8th February 2017 which was followed by the courtesy call on His majesty Lubosi Imwiko II, Litunga of Barotseland, to express grave and growing concerns on the non-implementation of Barotse National Council (BNC) resolutions 2012.

Out meetings are a culmination of several consultative meetings amongst concerned Barotse Nationals in the Diaspora.

We confirm by this press statement that the following matters constitute the content of our message to the Kuta, and through the Kuta, and through the Kuta to the Litunga, which message the Kuta received with appreciation. The delegation was warmly received.

Our presentation entered on the following matters and specifically the BNC 2012 resolutions:


QUOTE:  “The Barotse Government should, within 30 days put in place a transitional process leading to taking over all government functions in Barotseland and the election of the KATENGO legislative council” End of the quote.

The delegation stated that appropriate steps should be taken to implement this resolution.


The delegation expressed it's considered view that any engagement over the Barotseland issue with the Zambian government must not depart from the letter and spirit of the 2012 BNC resolutions as such will not be entertained by the people of Barotseland. Any attempt at resolving the Barotseland issue outside the 2012 BNC resolutions will not be sustainable.


The delegation re-affirmed it (s) believe that Barotseland as (is) a Nation and the sovereignty of its people are firmly anchored upon the termination of the Barotseland Agreement of 1964 which is the only instrument upon which Barotseland became a constituent part of the republic of Zambia. Further that the question of how the people and institutions of Barotseland should proceed in addressing the consequences of the unilateral termination of the Barotseland Agreement of 1964 by the government of Zambia was settled by the BNC held on the 27th March 2012 which passed clear message on the matter.


It is our view that the main content of activity that should preoccupy the institutions of leadership in Barotseland is the setting up a mechanism for reclaiming the statehood of Barotseland leading to full realization of the objectives set out in the BNC 2012 resolutions. To this end we expressed the need for expeditious establishment of structures in Barotseland to be composed of the recognized elements of cultural, political and social leadership of the people as represented by:

I. Traditional Authorities into whom the executive power over Barotseland repose.

II. Elected representatives of the people currently serving in the outgoing institutions of the Zambian government structures into whom the people's democratic mandate repose.

III. Political organizations seized with the matter of actualization Barotseland statehood.


We recognized the urgent need for a road map for implementation of BNC 2012 resolutions, to draft a constitution for the Barotseland and guide the dialogue with the Zambian government on the disengagement process by Barotseland from Zambia.

We are of the view that dialogue with the government of the Republic of Zambia should be premised on orderly disengagement of the Zambian governance structures to pave way for hand over to the administrative set up of the Barotseland government system. To this end, it is imperative that resolution No. 8 of the BNC 2012 directing for the re-establishment of the Katengo Legislative Council , which was rendered dysfunctional by the Zambian government in 1965 as a prelude to the formal termination of the Barotseland Agreement 1964, should be one of the priority areas of the work of the Constituent Assembly.

In conclusion we were satisfied with our engagement with the Kuta.


1. Dr. Sketchley D. Sacika
2. Mr. Mutungulu Wanga
3. Hon. William Harrington
4. Hon. Alfred K. Lienda
5. Mr. Mutete Kashimani
6. Mr. Mucala Situtu

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