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If it is true that Kenneth Kaunda wants to offer guidance in resolving the Barotseland - Zambia conflict then he should first understand that Barotseland as a nation has had it is governance system long before Zambia crafted theirs and he should desist from misleading people about the whole Barotseland Agreement system.

He will do well to admit that right from the beginning, the purpose of the agreement was to oppress and subjugate the people of Barotseland who at that time had legal rights to be alone as an independent state.

Kaunda must be made to realise that the BA'64 doesn't exist.

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On 14th August 2013, Afumba Mombotwa took oath of office as Barotseland Administrator General, AG, a transitional office to head the Barotseland Transitional Government (BTG) before the holding of popular general elections which would produce a substantive Prime Minister who will head the Royal Barotseland Government (RGB).

But just who is this Barotseland Administrator General?

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You don't need to be brave or courageous in order to stand for truth and justice; you just need to be real!

All responsibilities rest on the youths. As a youth, you are called upon to actively engage in everything that uplifts humanity and takes the family, friendship, religion, any form of relationships, political well-being to meaningful, greater and yet loft picks.

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Dear editor,

Allow me space in your wonderful media platform to air my views on the very important and vexing subject of Barotseland’s complete independence. Honestly, it is very clear by the turn of past events and trending stories that Northern Rhodesia is under political stupor and failing to come to terms with the reality of Barotseland’s present status quo.

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