OPINION: Fake Guardian Angels! By Yubai Mukongolwa

FILE: Zambian President Edgar Lunga and Vice President Ms. Inonge Wina at a “Prayer and Fasting for Reconciliation” event FILE: Zambian President Edgar Lunga and Vice President Ms. Inonge Wina at a “Prayer and Fasting for Reconciliation” event

OPINION: Fake Guardian Angels! By Yubai Mukongolwa Featured

By Yubai Mukongolwa / Featured News / Sunday, 21 May 2017 12:14

The International Community Organizations must not brood over a catalyst for bloodshed by deliberately ignoring the inhuman situation in Barotseland which they should mitigate or avoid because the situation may become unpalatable and lead into xenophobia when all hell turns loose.

The appointments of fake Barotzish ‘Guardian Angels’ by the Neo-Colonialist Administration, such as the Vice President and the Attorney General of Barotzish descent whose main ordeal is to maintain continued perpetration of enslavement, oppression and other ills against the Barotzish under the guise of recognition, does not benefit the Barotzish in any way but the appointees and their immediate families who enjoy Zambian morsels. So, is the appointment of an Attorney General of Barotzish descent to merely appease the Barotzish who do not benefit anything in any way from such cosmetic appointments which they are not the least interested in or envy?

We are aware, though, that there are certain personalities within the freedom movements who may have been brainwashed by the developments because of their lust for money, hence, betraying their own cause. The situation should not be taken lightly because the majority of the Barotzish Nationals are not pleased with the development, hence they may revert to the unpredictable if the enslavement and oppression continued further and bitterer than was, especially that some people have turned the Barotseland issue into a source of livelihood. People have gotten quite rich over the Barotseland issue because Zambia has been decanting seamless barrels of Kwacha and Ngwee even to fools who promise that they can reverse even that which cannot be reversed. People have involved Witch Doctors, Wizards, Witch-Finders, Fortune Tellers, Traditional Healers and Spiritualists just to make a living out of the Barotseland issue or have the legitimate Freedom Activists locked up forever over an issue which is straight forward. An issue that does not even require sitting in class to know that Barotseland was there before Northern Rhodesia ever existed let alone Zambia which came to be only in 1964.

The International Community Organizations should not assist Zambia, Barotseland’s oppressor, to continue perpetrating evil on the innocent Barotzish Citizens who merely want their Kingdom, as some of them are supplying fire arms to Zambia, who they allow to rape Barotseland’s timber, forests and other resources in return.

For the first time in World history, Zambia has broken a “World Record” losing trust in God. After misguided “Prayer and Fasting for Reconciliation”, with people still in the shackles and yokes of servitude and slavery in what was thought to have been in good faith, the Country now imports Spiritualists (Sangomas) from Nigeria and Malawi to clean the State House, proving God to be less powerful than the Spiritualists. What do the so-called Zambian “Men of God” have to say after having wasted their Spiritual time for prayer?  Are they only ‘fake’ or are they part of the demonic drama?

How Christian then is Zambia? Is it a Spiritualist or Christian Nation?

Long Live Barotseland.

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