Coping with anxiety in new Barotseland Part 2 - A BAROTSE CHANGE Imperative

20 June 2017
Author  Lindunda Wamunyima, Barotseland Post

Understanding and coping with anxiety in new Barotseland: A BAROTSE CHANGE Imperative – Part 2


The good news is that Anxiety Disorders are treatable. Medical history is full of records and information that the vast majority of those suffering from an Anxiety Disorders recover and resume normal life if given professional care. However, for Barotseland this has been/may be a far-fetched option, given the fact that we are often denied professional health care when we fall prey as victims of Zambian brutalism. There are a variety of options anyway, for treating anxiety, both standard procedures like therapy and medication, and clinically affirmed alternative treatments like relaxation techniques or online tools you can read if you have access to internet services.

In situations where one is far from professional medical help the following can be quite helpful in Barotseland, in the meantime:


It is important to remember in the first place that anxiety is just a human feeling, like any other feeling. By reminding yourself that anxiety is simply a normal emotional reaction, you should start to accept it. This is crucial to know lest you fall into the trap of treating side effects of the real problem, leaving the very cause of one’s poor health still brooding.

It is after confessing your stress and anxiety that you can try out management techniques like recognizing the factors that trigger your stress, getting enough sleep, getting regular exercise, meditating and talking to a friend to lighten the burden.

Additionally, acceptance is critical because trying to dispute or eliminate anxiety without acceptance often worsens it, but accepting your anxiety first is the right first step toward healing and means neither liking it nor condemning yourself to a miserable existence. It just indicates that you accept reality as it is, though less than ideal situation for self– and that your reality includes anxiety which is tolerable at that moment of time. When done this way it becomes an effective step toward coping with anxiety positively in New Barotseland.


When you suffer from anxiety normally your brain starts coming up with all sorts of weird ideas, many of which are highly unrealistic and unlikely to occur. Therefore, these thoughts only help to exacerbate your already anxious state.

Yes, anxious we may be and cannot avoid it, but asking yourself some questions when challenging your thoughts can help ease out the anxiety state in you. For instance,

a)  Is this worry realistic and likely to happen or does it just seem that way?

b)  If the worst possible outcome happens, what would be so bad about that?

c)  Can I handle it and what might I do to prepare for whatever may happen?


The probability is high that most of them will turn out to be wrong, and the consequences of your anxiety like less sleep, a rapid pulse, a little embarrassment will be real but unjustifiable inconveniences to your normal way of life. So when challenged by anxiety SAY NO to worries for their potential disruption of your normal life.


Regardless of our different orientation to time, it is mandatory to learn to make peace with time in our lives. This is very true in Barotseland because when you are a Patriotic and Nationalistic warrior and worriers, everything tends like an emergency. This is true since all anxious arousal are basically temporary, needing and inducing temporary emergency solutions. Remember that while time is completely independent of all our Barotse Change activities it is our complete Independence programme highly dependent on time. If this is not understood then PAD and other anxiety disorders can easily set in. But even when we panic remember that every feeling of panic comes to an end, every concern eventually wears itself out, and every so-called emergency seems to fade away. Therefore, tell yourself “I too, in a week or a month will be fine and my situation – our situation, too, really will come to pass and be free citizens of our country Barotseland. Without really encouraging delay in our Barotse Change Agenda, the Complete Independence of our country could not be a QUICK FIX MODUS!


Barotse Change Anxiety can produce a lot of negative chatter. Engage yourself with positive coping statements. For instance, you might say, “it is not a sin to be a Lozi”, “Zambia has no legal backing whatsoever for the their defiance of Barotse Change other than our illegal and sheer compromise”, “if others did it, we too can do it”, If Barotseland’s status quo is very legal, then there is nothing wrong in myself assertion as citizen of Barotseland” and other affirmative statements to help you cope with Barotse Change or any other change and challenge you are going through in life simply because of your status as Barotseland citizen.


In most cases when people are anxious, they are obsessed about something that might occur in the future. In coping with Barotse Change it is necessary for us to take time, instead of entertaining anxiety, to pause, breathe enough and pay attention to current affairs right now affecting you. No matter how serious an event is happening in your life, workplace or neighbourhood of Barotseland, focusing on the present moment greatly improves one’s ability to manage the situation at hand, and in its proper context. After all, how can one hope to handle successfully a challenge tomorrow still in obscurity when actually still mystified with today’s real visible challenge? It is a fallacy and improbable! Your challenges today are stepping stones into tomorrow’s victories, just like a person climbing and stepping rungs of a ladder one at a time.


Quite often as people we tend to take a “Quick Fix” approach when attending to our worries. This is because the worries usually show up without warning, like a pop-up advertisement on your computer monitor, then suddenly we stop everything to address them. Setting aside time for attention to worries can be quite helpful in resolving our anxieties. Yet, setting aside time for worries requires personal discipline to refuse to respond to worry immediately, except at your appointed time.  So, setting aside some 10 minutes every day just for your worries to think through later can offer real help too in anxiety management. This is because apart from decongesting your busy schedules of important activities you will find that many of your troubles will not even matter anymore that time. Meanwhile, you will have spent almost an entire day anxiety-free!


For instance the fear that your rapid heartbeat means you are having a heart attack is not true; e.g. it is your body’s natural response to certain arousals like need to dilute your blood with water you last drunk the other day. Much rumour mongering in Barotseland which will never come true are typical examples of false alarms capable of causing severe anxiety among us. The reality of the situational analysis would reveal, with the passing of time, that many thoughts and sensations that alarm us and we interpret as clues and urges for concern or even panic are purely background noise; just like sporting car speeding past you racing to another place of destination. In no time you might have seen them quickly disappear; so let those anxieties pass by too, as false alarms and leave anxiety-free moments.


When you are anxious, it becomes necessary at that moment practising regular meditation to relieve oneself of the burdens of anxiety. An example here could be picturing yourself on Zambezi or Luanginga river bank or outside in Livingstone Park, bush (Mushitu) or elsewhere. Watch fish swim, leaves pass by on the river or clouds and birds pass by in the sky. Assigning thoughts, emotions, and other sensations to nature this way is one of the best way to relax your body. By assigning emotions, thoughts and physical sensations often helps amplifies anxiety. Remember that it may all just be mere fleeting data and rumours.


Experts on the subject of stress and anxiety management argue that when you’re feeling anxious, it can be quite beneficial for one to get busy with the business of life and focus attention on a meaningful activity that is goal directed. It is highly that one introspects and find out what one could really be doing in place of being anxious. That means, for instance, if you are still a Zambian employee keep working that way until cross over time, if going to church go instead of sleeping at home worrying in bed and if a meeting still go ahead, and so forth. The most dangerous thing you can ever do when anxious is to passively sit around obsessing about how you feel. By doing what needs to be done teaches you key lessons like self-discipline and ultimately able to live your life normally despite being anxious and this way get things done.


Stress and anxiety can be unpleasant to deal with. They can also have negative effects on your physical health if untreated for long periods of time. While some amount of stress and anxiety in life is expected and shouldn’t be cause for concern, it’s important to recognize when the stress in your life is causing negative consequences. If you feel like your stress and anxiety are becoming unmanageable, seek professional help or ask others to help you find the support you need.



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