28 July 2017
Author  Lindunda Wamunyima

It has been said over again that life itself is a change; mainly comprising birth, living and death cycles. Change is a fact and virtue of life itself such that to deny change is actually to forego oneself the quantity and quality of life. Change can be negative or positive, planned or unplanned, or take other forms and descriptions.

I do not know how you describe your Barotse Change experience so far! As for me I say with jubilation, so far so good, despite some setbacks encountered here and there.

Barotse change adherents need to recall that that it is now well over four (4) years since our first article on Barotse Change crusade with this one being an additional contribution, to our series. It has been all because of our collective passion of the patriotism and nationalism for our Motherland – Barotseland. Since our Independence Day of 2012 BNC Resolutions and UDI Mandate we have been celebrating our transformation from our failed unitary statehood with Northern Rhodesia in different ways. Of course the definitive celebration still awaits the complete disengagement of our beautiful country from Northern Rhodesia; Zambia.


There is so much to celebrate as life repeats its cycles of change in New Barotseland – if it is not your birthday it is somebody’s, if it is not your wedding anniversary, it is for someone related to you, if it is not your graduation it is somebody’s, if it is not your funeral it is somebody else’s close to you and so on!. We see, from this that without this change there would be no birthday celebrations and others. That is, as people grow, without change a spinster would not become a wife nor a bachelor a husband, without change a husband would not become a father or grandfather and a wife a mother or a grandmother. Without change a child would not become a pupil, student and finally a graduate. Furthermore, without change Barotseland would not be where she is today. One needs to note that even deaths and funerals we do not get accustomed to unfortunately are equally a celebration of change that must happen in this life to everyone, sooner or later. Every moment of our life is characterised by change; from sunrise to sunset and sunset to sunrise. To a greater extent this makes life very bearable and enjoyable because this change makes life more rhythmic and meaningful while taking away the monotony that would otherwise follow, without change. In Barotseland there is so much of these and many others to celebrate. But above them all is our ultimate and complete freedom from Zambia – complete reclaimed glory, dignity, statehood, independence, sovereignty, first class citizenship and self-determination among others! No matter what the enemy will say, rest assured that the celebration of independence of Barotseland is an unstoppable and impending reality.



Whatever we want to change in life, achieve or have more of – be it happiness, fitness, health, romance, money success is the core motive. A large part of success is about your state of mind – a PURELY BAROTZISH MINDSET. So it’s about having a success mindset, and celebrating it is one way of nurturing it further.

As individuals we celebrate those dates that have personal significance like anniversaries, ceremonies and parties. While it is good to be thankful for what you have in life and what you have accomplished there is serious need to open your eyes to the larger picture - if we should appreciate and celebrate the fruits of life, we must first appreciate the tree that bears the fruit: the person. Without the person there can be no such celebrations. Unfortunately many times we go for the celebration; the food, fun, and so on leaving the person unappreciated really and in the cold! That is why comments like “It was a great party”, “It was a solemn funeral” mostly referring to the speeches uttered, food eaten, audience attire or auditorium drapery! No wonder most invited guests rarely go back to see “the people” because as soon as the function is over our memory aftermath of the occasion quickly fades into oblivion! The antidote is “if we should appreciate and celebrate the fruits of life, we must first appreciate the tree that bears the fruit: the person.” SO APPRECIATE BAROTSELAND AS YOUR COUNTRY FIRST AND FOREMOST BEFORE CELEBRATING YOURSELF AND ITS HERITAGE.


Every celebration marks a significant change and new beginning. So Barotseland independence celebration will be a window to the next possibilities of a lifetime in our country; the chance to fulfil our unique Mission and Vision, both at individual and corporate or national levels. So as a celebration it will be a momentous change occasion, much more than an opportunity to eat, dance or receive ‘gifts’ and accolades as it were. Rather it will be a chance to remember the day that the major event occurred, an occasion to rethink our life, to celebrate and give thanks and to reflect upon how well we will have fulfilled our calling in perfecting ourselves and Barotseland society, and toward making a contribution to make the world a sacred home for all global citizens where human rights are fully prised! A time to review and close the gap between our Vision and actual performance while in the transition period.


One of the best reasons to celebrate success is simply that it feels good; feeling good is what it’s all about most of the time. We’re driven to make changes in our lives because we want to feel better, be happier and feel good. Besides being joys of life celebrations are also a moment to evaluate how great is the disparity between what will have been accomplished and what could/should have been accomplished. For Barotseland independence celebration it will also be a moment to evaluate whether we will have been spending most of our time appropriately or we got involved more in distractors from our higher calling of nationalism and patriotism? Motivation is also connected to mindset – because once you are motivated by your success you will then want to give yourself as many opportunities to be successful as you can. So celebrations can be used to enhance your effectivity or goal-getting this way! Therefore, celebrate the change. This is an imperative virtue in good citizenry and ingredient for meaningful National Development mwa Bulozi.


A celebration can also teach us the concept of rebirth; be it political, economic, social or spiritual ambits. Therefore, celebrating Barotseland independence will be an act of recalling our birth and a new beginning; not really new like for other states and nations rather a time we arose from colonialism. No matter how things will have transpired yesterday, last year, or the four decades plus of our servitude, we will now always have the total ownership and capacity to try again in regenerating our country in totality, without interference from the burdensome colonial predators scavenging Barotseland!


A celebration can be done at anniversary, commemorative, conventional or fixed time. Barotse Change celebration is on-going since the famous and historic 2012 BNC when important statements were proclaimed to that effect:

“We now inform Zambia and the international community that we finally accept the unilateral nullification and the abrogation of the Barotseland Agreement 1964 by the Zambian government, which action has freed Barotseland from being part of Zambia.”

“…which has reverted us to our original status” ... “We the people of Barotseland declare that Barotseland is now Free, to pursue its own self-determination and destiny”.

Since our Independence Day of 2012 BNC Resolutions and UDI Mandate we have been celebrating our transformation from our failed unitary statehood with Northern Rhodesia in different ways. Of course the definitive and consolidative celebration consummates by the complete disengagement of our beautiful country from Zambia. At the appropriate time the RBG will call the Barotseland nation for a national independence celebration, subject to ratification by our legislature arms of governance.


Celebrating success isn’t necessarily just about you as an individual. It might be, but it can also give others the chance to join in with your celebration, be motivated and have a share in your success. And a good point to remember in all celebrations is that while you have to recognise your own success and you want other people to do as well, and then better involve them in one way or another. This is why celebrations of all kinds involve other people.


How you celebrate personal occasion is up to you. For instance there is no better way to celebrate a birthday than to commit a special act of charity or give a birth and Thanks offering at a regular church service. It is easy enough to say you are thankful; it is far better to show it by doing a kind deed, something that you did not do yesterday. Not because someone is forcing you or because someone suggests it. Such an act of kindness gives your parents and creator great pleasure, because He sees that the child in whom He invested, the particular child born to them on a particular day, is living up to its full potential. And nothing, of course, gives a parent greater joy than this. This is the true experience of birth, the true beginning of a life of meaning.

For a celebration of national magnitude and Barotseland Independence however, it is far more than having fun and surpasses a personal celebration because much more preparation goes into it. Additionally, national celebrations are better done through developmental programmes by a caring government, aimed at lifting the standards of living of its masses.


Our independence celebration is as factual as the authenticity of the 2012 BNC! BRE, GRZ and the international fraternity all acknowledge it and were well represented during the 2012 BNC gathering. That was the landmark commencement of Barotse Change celebrations. In communication the most important thing is to hear what isn’t being said – most of the major political dramas in Zambia are directly or indirectly linked to that country’s barophobia over Barotseland and its Barotse Change celebration. However, not even the faked state of emergency over Barotseland by the illegally occupying state will stop it, but only help celebrate, in as much as our Barexit of BNC 2012 is already unalterable history.


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