BAROTSE CHANGE: Freedom and Independence, what is your Sacrifice?

02 February 2017
Author  Lindunda Wamunyima, Barotseland Post


As we accelerate to our complete freedom and independence in the best country this side of this planet called Barotseland, it is time to seriously remember the sacrifices that were made to gain incremental freedom and independence thus far as well as the frontier working toward the Complete and Ultimate Freedom and Independence of our motherland.

The month of February occupies a dear space in the folios of Barotseland history for what it is. This premises my submission in this article this month of February shared by many LEWANIKA NAMESAKES either as a Birthday month or death day month, a fact noticeable among both the living and the departed Lewanikas; what a coincidence! Additionally, in Barotseland, the name LEWANIKA has now become a synonym for great virtuous sons and daughters of Barotseland who indeed treasure education, successful politics in their own right, visionary leadership, embracing great family values and honourable nationalism, patriotism, traditional heritage and commitment to nurturing Barotseland for her prosperity and prominence above self-glory, as an emerging state, nation and economy in the globalising world.


Before even the thought of the Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) on 8th September, 2011, the people and elders of Barotseland had been consulting and finally came up with a vision, 'We want to go back and have a better way of life as Barotseland Nation and determine our own destiny, to have nothing to do with the bogus state called Zambia anymore.' But our elders knew this would not be an easy fight, despite it being a straightforward case rooted in international law and principles. However, it was worth fighting for to correct the wrong history of Kenneth Kaunda’s legacy of deception over our land’s real status. It was also necessary to restore our land’s lost glory as an autonomous state nation it used to be pre the fateful 18th May, 1964 almost 53 years ago. The 27th March, 2012 BNC Vision was the drive they needed to do whatever it took and takes now to achieve what they saw and see now as a land of complete freedom where the Barotse people have the power once again to control the way they live their lives. Without the Lewanika Legacy, surely our walk to freedom would have been a totally different game to what it has been thus far – without the careful academic, legal and visionary language in the abrogated and defunct BA’64 treaty, the Zambianism schemers and extortionists would have been empowered to the demise of our nation and state.

This battle for the vision by our forefathers and leaders came with many sacrifices, many lives have been lost ever since, and others gave everything to accomplish what they saw as a better future for their current and future families of Barotseland nation. Today, those sacrifices continue as our leaders are still working in incarceration from within Northern Rhodesian prisons, while some of my fellow citizens are still caged in Zambianism. The good news is that God has been at the crux in protecting our land from the scavenging political and economic foes of Barotseland. Very soon we will have our own military personnel in charge, protecting our freedom and independence just like many other states and nations. It is not just the ultimate sacrifices we must remember, but also those people who cannot be with their families on holidays, missing their children being born, missing those family milestones we cherish, and not being there for family when their presence is needed. So as you enjoy 2017 with all the goodies it brings you, like enjoying an ice cold drink, spending time with your families and many more pleasurable things, remember and thank those folks making those sacrifices. THE BEST THANK YOU AND SACRIFICE YOU CAN EVER MAKE IN RESPONSE, AND MUCH IN HONOURING BOTH OUR FALLEN AND ALIVE HEROES AND HEROINES IS TO BE TRULY A BAROTSELAND CITIZEN, FOR THAT IS WHAT HAS COST THE COMFORT OF THEIR LIVES AND FATE, BECAUSE THEY SACRIFICED FOR THE REDEMPTION OF OUR TRUE IDENTITY TOGETHER AS A NATION! To me, that is one of the best ingredients for true freedom and independence mwa Bulozi.

The signing of the Declaration of Independence was just the beginning. The fight still continues to improve upon the way we live our lives. Our globe we live in is a changing world and we must always look for a better way in life. Think about how Barotseland country has evolved over the past five (5) centuries as a nation state; how all of a sudden, could it be doomed to end up a 'province' in another country when we are there? Of course, there are things that could still be improved upon, which is why we must look for those opportunities to make things better, even so this year 2017, and plan to be part of the winning Team Barotse through intentional sacrifices, in taking up the button of nationalism and patriotism for Barotseland’s sake.

But all this can only come to fruition if you have personal freedom and independence as an individual. This is because a completely corporately free and independent Barotseland becomes an inarguable reality only to the degree her individual citizens choose to emancipate themselves! So may I ask you to introspect yourself with a personal question - 'Do you have this personal freedom and independence as a Barotzish?' You likely say 'Sure... I'm free and independent.' But are you really; your body, soul and mind? Are your body and soul still Zambianised and working for someone else who is an enemy of Barotseland Independence? Do you find it easy to set up business anywhere you are as a Lozi? Do you find it easy to speak your national language, Silozi, without ridicule where you are? Can you confidently say you will have a retirement fund in your current civil service as a 'Zambian' who is Barozitsh, if you can even retire at all? These are just some of the few questions for your personal checklist.

Well, there is a better way for you to claim freedom and independence of your country Barotseland and your family's life. Just as the people of this land decided in 2012 they wanted to change the way life was before the Declaration of Independence, you can change how your life is under the control of quasi colonial government systems in preparation for your own - Barotseland.


My Team Barotse, friends and I have discovered a way to move toward personal and national freedom and independence. This will allow us to decide the lifestyle we want for our families by creating time and financial freedom through our complete self-determination. This opportunity is available to every Barotseland national who shares in the vision of living a better life that is consistent with the 2012 BNC Mandate. It only requires your helping hand of allegiance, commitment and compliance to Barotseland now more than before. This is your opportunity to gain control of how you want to live your full Barotzish life. However, this is not a lottery ticket and will therefore, require sacrifice and work on your part. Our forefathers were willing to make major sacrifices to achieve their vision, our leaders are doing the same today and you will be able to do the same if you choose to follow our national vision which is yours too. It is worth it and you can do it. When is your personal Independence Day and what sacrifices are you willing to make to arrive at that day? This is a multifaceted question addressing your life holistically. Procrastination is a thief of time! So, arise today and shine, for your motherland needs your personal freedom and independence first and foremost. Barotseland Ki Nako!!!

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