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Induna Imandi is reported to have disclosed yesterday to social Media Barotseland Watchdog  (BWD) reporter that the entire Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) system has been given sleepless nights by Imikendu Mabiwa’s move to take Lubosi Imwiko II to the High Court, as the action is causing loss of dignity to the Lozi tradition in Barotseland.

AND Imandi is further reported to have alleged that the idea to state that Barotseland was an independent and separate nation from Zambia was conceived by Mutungulu Wanga, former BNFA vice chairman, as a move to defend the Litunga and the Indunas.


In 1921, Litunga Yeta III, CBE, undertook a working visit to Cape Town for talks with Prince (Duke) of Connaught, the then new British Governor General to South Africa. On this visit, the Government of Barotseland petitioned the British Government on two main points. The first was to demand further autonomy for Barotseland and the ending of the arrangement of indirect British administration through the British South Africa Company. The second was demand for the return of the lands of Barotseland that had been seeded to German West Africa and designated as the Capri Strip.


The following is a personal perspective of an un-named Prince on the current litigation against Lubosi Imwiko II in the high court of Zambia, and is here below published to allow for balanced debate on the subject that has attracted divided opinion in Barotseland.


He is young, ambitious and gifted. At 20 years only, Taylor Mwanamwale Akakendelwa is dreaming of one day being counted among the legendary artists of the world.

Although he has no formal training in the field of ‘Fine Arts’ yet, young Taylor’s art is already making the right waves through his ‘Taylar Akaz Music & Art’ studio in Livingstone.


Addis Ababa (AFP) - The African Union decided Monday to allow Morocco back in the fold after a 33-year absence, despite stiff resistance from some member states over the status of Western Sahara.


New president says he will require complete financial transparency from the ministers he chooses for his government. Adama Barrow, The Gambia's new president, has also vowed to reform the country's notorious intelligence agency and promised to ensure media freedom in the country.

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