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After a week of unlawful detention, Munyinda Munukayumbwa, arrested for criticizing president Lungu of Zambia and Litunga Lubosi Imwiko II on facebook but now implicated in a case of arson, was finally issued a 'warn and caution statement'.

Although police sources insist the young Barotse did not do anything wrong per say, they claim their hands were tied in this case as efforts to get him granted bond would prove on Friday, as reported by scores of Barotse youths that went to see him and ensure that he get his entitlement in accordance to rules of justice.


# The Next three Days we are going to say Votive Masses for Mr. Afumba, Mr. Likando, and Mr. Pelekelo. What is Votive Mass? A Votive Mass in Latin (Missa Votiva) is a special mass celebrated for a special reason or circumstance. In this case our prayer is for the release of these three Men.


His Eminence, Cardinal Peter K. A. Turkson, President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace at the Holy See (inset picture) has been sent a special prayer request for today Sunday, 30th April 2017, concerning the three Barotse political prisoners in Zambia.

His Eminence’s council embodies the Pope’s care for suffering humanity, including the needy, and pays special attention to the needs and issues of those who are imprisoned, and others whose dignity is endangered.

Mr. Afumba Mombotwa, Mr. Inambao Kalima, and Mr. Likando Pelekelo’s names have also been included in the prayers of the faithful for the seven Masses of the Day.




On this fourth day of our Novena Prayers for Mr. Afumba Mombotwa, Mr. Inambao Kalima, and Likando Pelekelo we ask the Lord once more to surround them with his love and consolation. The magisterium of the Catholic Church forbids all forms of injustices done against any human person because we are all created in the image and likeness of God.

In no uncertain terms, the Catholic Bishops of Zambia have written a pastoral letter in which they have bemoaned the deterioration of democratic tenants in Zambia.

The Bishops have taken a swipe at the political leadership, Judiciary and police for lamentably failing to address this deterioration; while condemning the ‘culture of silence’ as they called for genuine dialogue and reconciliation.

Their entire statement is here below;


On Friday, the 14th of April, 2017, the Kuomboka ceremony for the Litunga la Mboela, Mulena Mukwae Makwibi (Princess Mbuyu Imwiko) of Nalolo and Senanga districts, took place.

While the Litunga Lubosi Imwiko II migrated from Lealui to Limulunga, the Litunga la Mboela (Litunga of the South), the Litunga’s sister and co-ruler, HRH Princes Mbuyu Imwiko, moved from her Nalolo Royal village to Muoyo in Senanga district.

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