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January 25, 2016

Outbreaks of cholera, measles and meningitis are common in resource-poor settings, despite affordable and efficient vaccinations being available; high seasonal peaks of malaria go unreported, and therefore the health response remains insufficient; and outbreaks of the lesser-known illnesses such as dengue and Chikungunya have recently been reported in new countries and areas.


Our pick of the week as trending on social media is HRH Akashambatwa Mbikusita Lewanika.

Dr. Mbikusita is a prince of Barotseland, son of HRM Mbikusita Lewanika, King of Barotseland who was born 3rd February 1905 and died 7th February 1977 (reign: 1968 - 1977)

SOURCE: Akashambatwa Mbikusita-Lewanika  ( )


Although Dr. Mbikusita Lewanika clearly states that he does not entirely agree with the veteran Zambian politician and entrepreneur  Andrew Sardanis’ sentiments that the Barotseland question will be settled by merely re-instituting the name ‘Barotseland’ to the now ‘Western Province of Zambia’ he (Mbikusita Lewanika) decided to post the above extract from Andrew Sardinis’s latest book entitled ‘Zambia: The First 50 Years’ to his Face Book wall with him sporting a BAROTSELAND branded cap (see attached photograph).

This post has attracted many serious comments from not only Barotse people but also Zambians across the board, maybe because Dr. Akashambatwa is among the very few prominent figures, well known in both Zambia and Barotseland, who are no longer shying away, publicly, from the Barotseland question, which matter has had many Barotse people arrested  even for merely possessing literature about it.

To Prince Aka (as he is fondly known to many), we say congratulations on your winning the Barotseland Post SOCIAL MEDIA BUZZ pick of the week.


On Social Media BUZZ for this week we feature two stories that are currently trending:

1. Edgar Lungu must be more shocked than anyone else - about the Litunga's behaviour!
2. Ilute Yeta IV ‘Appears’ in Lealui Royal Village



Date: 13th December 2015

COURTESY OF: Na Ma-Lulu Nalumango

The biggest problem with our desire for Barotseland self-rule is not the Zambian government or its people. The greatest opponent to Barotseland freedom - going by what I've been reading from this column - is the Litunga. It's not even Edgar Lungu! We all get tempted by the devil everyday but the Lord holds us accountable for our implementation of the sins that originate with Lucifer. In this case Edgar Lungu was only trying to tempt the Litunga with 30 pieces of silver and an offer of power and even a tiny foreign mission post.

Honestly speaking Edgar Lungu must be more shocked than anyone else at his luck... I doubt that he had imagined that the Litunga would fall for such small a bait at the expense of a hurting people!

It's vital that these things that you people write so well for the academically gifted elite on Facebook - be written in simple short articles and in our different languages - for our peoples at the grassroots. Through these articles, you're building up a very strong case for the international community in terms of what has been published online but the elite few cannot fight for this cause expressly like this because they don't live the difficult life in rural Barotseland or even engage in civil disobedience acts. We need to put our heads together to realise this dream through local structures. We need to engage with the Barotseland government and other parties to get the Litunga back on track for a common front.

Let's create forums where more people can participate.

Just a thought - because I care too much to remain silent...

Kozo - Lord hear us!


2. ILUTE YETA IV APPEARS IN LEALUI ROYAL VILLAGE – As Reported by Barotseland Watchdog

ORIGINAL POST by: Barotseland Broadcasting Network (BBN)

Date: 11/12/2015

NB: Barotseland Watchdog Dog (BWD) has dispatched a reporter to Lealui to take photos and interview people about this story which appeared on BBN.

We will give you a feed back as soon as we finish talking to the people. For now here is what BBN reported................

Ilute Yeta IV has appeared in Lealui Royal village on Sunday. He was the Litunga of Barotseland from 1977 up to 2000. It is believed that, the ancestors are not happy with what is happening in Barotseland. On Sunday almost 30 houses were destroyed together with the Ngambela’s Kuta, and Mboo Kuta in Lealui, the winter residence for the Litunga.

This happened after strong and strange windswept the Head Quarters of the Royal Kingdom. The tree which Edwin Lubosi Imwiko II sat during his installation in 2000 has been uprooted and it is down. Some Indunas’ houses have also been brought down.

BBN has been informed that Edwin Lubosi Imwiko II (Embattled Litunga of Barotseland) has dispatched a batch of Indunas to see what happened and he has since been informed about the disaster. He is worried and it is expected that he (may) travel there soon to see what really transpired.

Meanwhile people have expressed worry (at) the way the crop of Indunas at Namuso is running Barotseland. From Monday up to Saturday people were still renovating their houses and others have left the HQ saying “Lubosi u ka lu bulaisa,” (Lubosi will cause our death).

Traditionally, the Litunga is supposed to be in Lya Alui (Lealui) up to the flooding season when Kuomboka takes place in April but the current guy called Edwin Lubosi is stuck in Limulunga, (while) he frequents Lusaka and Kabwe-at his Farms.

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Courtesy of Barotseland Watchdog (BWD)


Author: Senior Intelligence Officer

Date: 30/11/2015

BWD: Mun’gaka, I have come as arranged with you. The people of Barotseland are happy that they still have people like you ready to share information of what is happening inside the BRE. I want to assure you that your identity will remain hidden.

SENIOR INDUNA: I trust you, “nja ye libelezi”……hahahahahaha…… “mwa kataza mina”

BWD: Mun’gaka the people of Barotseland are troubled they want their country….(interjected)

SENIOR INDUNA: Naziba mwanaka, litaba ze litata. Kono mutiye mu lwanele naha yaluna luna lumwa butata.

BWD: Mushemi, on behalf of BWD, I would like to thank you for according me this chance to discuss with you sensitive issues which concern the future of our Nation Barotseland. I know you are busy and will do this quickly since you have other commitments also…..(interjected)

SENIOR INDUNA: Mwanaka, hona cwalo, lueze kaubebe kuli batu basike ba nahana zenata, lwa talimwelwa zazi ni zazi.

BWD: Mushemi, people of Barotseland have decided not to recognise Lubosi Imwiko as the Litunga of Barotseland. They have made several calls that he be dethroned for going against the wishes of the people to have total independence from Zambia. The people of Barotseland no longer want him. How is he coping up with these calls?

SENIOR INDUNA: Protection: Isheeea……kaiyi, Mwanaka, Lubosi is a stubborn man. He is very much aware that the people do not want him, but he does not care. He even says that when a Rhino is grazing the flies cannot stop it from grazing. For him the people of Barotseland are like flies. Sometimes he gets worried and he even fails to sleep, his BP would go high. What consoles him is that President Lungu is with him and he has assured him of 100% protection from the people of Barotseland. The only person he fears is Imikendu, otherwise he is an I don’t care type of a person.

BWD: What is he planning next since you say he is stubborn?

SENIOR INDUNA: Ha,ha, ha, ha,ha…. (Laughing)… Mwanaka, Lubosi is unshakable, he has a strong heart. A person who can insult an old person like me! We are just there to preserve the tradition. That is all.

BWD: You have not told me what he is planning next?

SENIOR INDUNA: The plan of Lubosi is to go for Barotseland Restoration. He does not believe in the self determination issue. The restoration is going to happen so soon. He is working heavily. At the moment they are designing references to start dialogue. Everything will soon be done. We expect to start dialogue in January, 2016. We will be very busy in January. Edgar Lungu and Lubosi know the time table of action mwanaka. We will not go beyond February 2016 since Edgar also wants to get votes from here.

BWD: Why are the BRE Indunas failing to stand with the people and who will be invited for the dialogue?

SENIOR INDUNA: Mwanaka, you can’t stand against Lubosi, just look at how many people have been fired from BRE! Mwanaka, Lubosi does not have ‘brakes’; he fired even the people whom Tradition protects. I won’t say much on this because I know that you know that Mulena ‘yo utata.’ When the Restoration dialogue starts they are people we have chosen already who will come from Linyungandambo, BNFA, Mileng’i, Civil Organisations, the Church, and others youthful groups where Muyunda Makala belongs. Lubosi will not accept that Sinyinda to come, he is enemy number one.

BWD: What of International organisations?

SENIOR INDUNA: The Litunga is in contact with AU, they often call him and he has their support. That is why you will not hear of the judgment from Banjul anytime soon. By the time you want to hear the judgment the restoration would have already taken place. Once restoration is done many people will turn around. Many activists will be lost as to what to do since they will be lonely. Some groups are now being formed in the villages to support restoration. BRE is working.

BWD: Mushemi, the BNC Resolutions of 2012 were not for the restoration but for Independence. Going against them would result in a conflict. In view of this, what are the possibilities of the BRE starting the process of dethronement of Edwin Lubosi Imwiko?

SENIOR INDUNA: Dethronement! Hahahahahaha………. You are joking you. This man is protected by the state (Zambia) security. Anyone who will try that will be arrested and thrown into prison. Bulena bwa Silozi bu fetuhile mwanaka. Dethronement was possible in the past, not now. Lubosi does not want the BNC Resolutions for one reason, “sharing of power.” Your Constructional Monarchy means power is shared. Lubosi wants total monarchy. BRE cannot accept the sharing of power with anyone. Even now they are already celebrating because everything will be in their hands.

BWD: Mushemi, will Inyambo accept this restoration?

SENIOR INDUNA: That one is strong hearted also. He loves to do what the people want, so we know already as BRE that he will not support Restoration. Kono Lubosi has a plan on how to deal with him. Mwanaka, some International Organisations have already been convinced by Lubosi. They are now in full support of the BRE and Lubosi. Britain is fully supporting the issue of Restoration.

BWD: Is there any information you would like to pass to the people of Barotseland?

SENIOR INDUNA: Yes, Malozi, please know that by January/February BRE will be controlling everything. All Government departments will be reporting to the Litunga. Lubosi will soon install a Ngambela. He was thinking of getting Bo Charles Mututwa, he even called him at the palace. For now know also that BRE is secretly sensitizing people across some villages. The activists will just wake up one day and discover everything is perfectly done. It will be sad for me and others, but others they will be happy.

BWD: Thank you so much for sharing this information.

SENIOR INDUNA: You are most welcome mwanaka. Uzamaye sinde.

SocioEconomic And Environmental Development Solutions - SEEDS

Join us for a tour of SEEDS in Mongu, Barotseland. This video was taken in April 2014 and shows the start of our resource garden and tree nursery with pictures of our first harvest in August 2014.

This  is our home in Mongu, Barotseland.

We are still working at providing professional videos so if you know anyone who could donate their time to help us it would be much appreciated! For now, watch the Tour Of SEEDS in Mongu from it's beginnings in April 2014 to our first harvest in August 2014.

Video Courtesy of SocioEconomic And Environmental Development Solutions - SEEDS

A newly created face book profile in the name of ‘Moowa Zambwe’ stunned many Barotse facebook lovers keen on getting the latest news on Barotseland.
Although we cannot verify the authenticity of this profile created a couple of days ago, Moowa Zambwe is purporting to be the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE)’s Induna Katema. Induna Katema is a high ranking position in the BRE hierarchy, and in the absence of Ngambela and Induna Kalonga (which position has since been filled last week), Moowa Zambwe in his capacity as Induna Katema was operating as the BRE’s official spokesperson.

What is stunning, however, is his apparent change of tone towards the embattled Litunga Lubosi Imwiko II. Previously, as recent as last week, Moowa Zambwe was a great ‘pain’ to Barotseland independence advocates who he called ‘secessionists’ that were breaking the Zambian law. He spoke in favor of the Litunga and against all those advocating for Barotseland independence from Zambia.

If indeed this is the real Moowa Zambwe who is serving as Induna Katema, what does this mean to BRE and Barotseland? However, we have since launched an inquiry to verify whether this is indeed Moowa Zambwe or just an impostor.

Meanwhile, in the first post on his purported face book  profile, Moowa Zambwe, stunned the Barotse with the revelation that Lubosi (Imwiko II) was very stubborn and further urged Malozi to find a better solution to eliminate him (Imwiko II) as even them (BRE) were allegedly in trouble because of Lubosi’s much love for money.

Moowa in his posts has emphasized that he is speaking in his own individual capacity as a Barotseland citizen and not in his capacity as Induna Katema.

See here below and the immediate response the post attracted:


Posted 17 hrs ago

“lubosi is stubborn malozi i urge you to find a better solution to eliminate him even us here we are in trouble this man loves to much money.”

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MUYANGWA MUNGWALUKO: is this zambwe I know or not coz this is not how I know zambwe
Like • Reply • 1 • 17 hrs
MOOWA ZAMBWE: am the one whom you know am express my views as citizen of barotseland not as induna
Like • Reply • 17 hrs
BAROTSELAND INAFRICA: I was thinking maybe you are Induna Katema. But the profile picture is for him.
Like • Reply • 16 hrs
MUYANGWA MUNGWALUKO: uuuuuh moowa zambwe induna katema
Like • Reply • 16 hrs
CHRIS LUBASI LUZONGO KALALUKA: What guarantee do we have that what you are speaking is the undiluted truth? How should we believe what you are saying, owing to the fact that you are an (and his) Induna? Moowa Zambwe
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Posted 17 hrs ago

“Malozi find a better way to chase Lubosi is traitor.”

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Posted 13 hrs ago  

“lubosi traveled to maoyo to meet inonge wina and among other issue they discussed is how to manipulate people on way we will do pre dialogue with the concerned parties”

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BAROTSELAND MUMBELA: The BNC resolutions are final, no secret dialogue will change that, &the barotse imilemas wont accept that. Lubosi & u indunas must go because u have failed the people of barotseland, the people of barotseland want total independence & nothing else. Barotzish Watchdog Barotseland InAfrica Ndate Neta Barotzish Citizen Lewanika Notulu Sibeta Mundia Nyambe Namushi Samuel Kalimukwa Bulozi London Bulozi Nahayaluna Linyungandambo Barotseland Bulozi Kwabunde Nyambe

Like • Reply • 4 • 13 hrs • Edited
Like • Reply • 1 • 11 hrs
CHRIS LUBASI LUZONGO KALALUKA: Aha! I like this: your coming out in the open Mushemi is very timely and commendable at the same time. Though your Kaunda-created BRE is nolonger a great deal to the struggle, it is important for people like you TO ALWAYS COME OUT CLEAN BY DISTANCING YOURSELF FROM THESE TREASONABLE ACTIVITIES BY THE LITUNGASHIP AND EMPTY BRE. If you will be briefing us on any private deals by Edwin Lubosi Imwiko, then we will spare you from the measures we are about to met on BRE and the Zambia-sponsored Litunga.
Like • Reply • 2 • 2 hrs
KWALOMBOTA SALEYA: A disgraceful Litunga of the century, how can a King leave his palace and take a private journey" not official" to travel to meet any envoy of a country that tirelessly worked to diminish his status to that of Zambian chiefs! Lubosi has revolted against the system and tradition of our long founded monarch as such has committed treason and no mercy on Him. As people of Barotseland we are determined and very sure that very soon the treacherous Litunga will be dealt with for all and bring sanity in our Litungaship under independent Barotseland. One man can not turn himself into a dictator and think he is above the board, soon and very soon he will be dealt with completely and will have no legitimate anymore. Moreover, the man is a reject and has lost legitimacy. He is a total imposter.
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